Wedding Types and Bouquets of Flowers

Wedding is defined to be a ceremony that is being attended by many people to witness the unity of two people under sacred permission to be called married. It is also one of the traditions that vary from ethnic groups, culture, religions, social classes and more. Most of the celebrated wedding ceremonies are involving the exchange of vows of the couple, the presentation of gift or the offerings, the symbolic items such as rings, money and flowers, lastly the proclamation of the authority for the wedding.

Wedding as part of the tradition based upon culture, social classes, religions and ethnic groups, has been divided into different types. These types of weddings are the following:

Civil Wedding

This is a wedding ceremony that is presided with the local civil society like an appointed judge or mayor of the locality. Ceremonies of civil weddings can use references to God. However, it has generally no particular religion or domination. Usual civil weddings take place into local towns and city halls of the state.

Double Wedding

This is a kind of wedding ceremony wherein there are two couples that will give vows in the same wedding day and place. Usually, those who have friends or siblings who are also engaged might plan for a double wedding and both of them will be legally married at the same time and place.

Mass Wedding

Mass weddings are usually the type of wedding which is celebrated simultaneously in a single ceremony. This is a wedding that mostly done for special occasions of the state.

Destination Wedding

This is a kind of wedding which is being hosted and often celebrated in different settings like vacation or beach weddings. Instead of celebrating the wedding to the same state where the couple lives, the couple may chose for the place which they think perfectly fits their romantic dream wedding celebration.

Military Wedding

This is a wedding ceremony which is typically conducted in military chapels. Most military weddings the couple or the bride and groom are both wearing a military dress.

Same Sex Wedding

Same sex marriage is a wedding ceremony that bounds to unite two people of the same sex. This can be legally documented or legally recognized partnership as civil union. The wedding may not be recognized religiously or symbolically for their public declaration of their relationship but they can also include their family and friends support for the wedding. This kind of wedding is permitted by few countries only.

Hand fasting

This is a Pagan custom which dates back from the Ancient Celts. This was originally like an engagement period where two people will declare union between themselves. The original wedding ceremony for hand fasting is a trial.

White Wedding

This is a wedding that is traditionally celebrated through a formal or a semi-formal wedding in Western countries. This is also a term that refer to a wedding dress color which became very popular after the famous Queen Victoria had worn a white gown when she and Prince Albert got married. After that many has tried to use white gowns of their preferred styles too.


This is the type of marriage that is often unexpected or without the idea or preparation to invite guest into such wedding. In some celebration with this kind of wedding, few friends with some of family members may only be the present witness for the ceremony. Some cases also tell about elopement as the couple may inform friends but not their family at all. Elopement weddings are usually done with the authority of the civil society though only few people know the wedding is an elopement wedding.

What makes a Prestigious Wedding?

Aside from many guests, perfect choice of wedding cake and souvenirs, perfect weeding venue and reception set-up, one of the most ideal things that symbolize the beauty of the weddings are the use of flowers and bouquets. A flower bouquet is a flower collection that makes a creative arrangement of it. These flower bouquets can be arranged for décor and public building decorations or can also be handheld. The handheld type of bouquet is also classified through several popular shapes and designs such as cascade, crescent and nosegay bouquets.

A cascading shape of bouquet is the common bouquet shape that is used for special events like weddings. A cascading bouquet’s shape is with its long–stemmed flowers that are trailing down from the main bouquet. On the other hand, other common wedding bouquet shapes include a nosegay bouquet where it is the collection of flowers arranged in a round formation and roughly foot in diameter. Another wedding bouquet is the pomander bouquet which is perfectly round and worn with a ribbon on the wrist. These kinds of bouquet are the options that engaged couples can choose to plan their wedding bouquets.

Traditionally, the bride and maid of honor will be the ones to bring the wedding bouquet during the wedding ceremony. There will be a portion of the celebration where the bride will toss the bouquet over her shoulder after the wedding. As part of the beliefs, the person that catches the bouquet will be the next one which is to be married. The use of bouquets is not only for the bride and bridesmaid to hold but also for additional decoration for the venue. Most wedding ceremonies with full of particular flowers came to be very ideal for many wedding celebrations out there.

Wedding celebration could be once in a life time for some but not for other. It is based upon various actions like culture, religion, country and many more, however, there will always one sure about weddings and it is about the chance for a couple to get united in some ways. On the other hand, weddings without flowers could be okay but it will always depend how a state is celebrating the wedding and how the couple would enjoy the wedding. In addition to this wedding preparations without flowers can also be boring. So choose any of the shape of flower bouquets so you’ll easily find the right choice.